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What surgeons around the world are saying about Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice
by Frederick J. Menick, M.D.



I was first dazzled by the table of contents that contain small informative snapshots of the subject so anyone with a problem can simply look over the many cases and select the appropriate case for study. You are generous in your information concerning problems that might occur and what to do about them.

I honestly feel sad that our ages are so far apart and wish that you were where you are now and I was 10 years younger, eager to learn about all of the exciting problems that you’ve so effectively solved.

I am simply overwhelmed at the excellence of what you do and your generosity in sharing information that would help anyone attempting a correction.

I can’t say enough good things about your book—the illustrations, the cases, the writing, everything. There are no words that can adequately express my profound admiration for what you have done and the effort you made in creating this text. It is a contribution that will honor you and your work for many, many years to come. 

Dr. Jack Sheen's review of Dr. Frederick Menick's book Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice



There are a few publications in surgery which are legendary masterworks, distillations of an entire career of a dedicated artist devoted to perfection in a limited sequence of operations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

These two volumes represent such a masterwork, the work of Frederick Menick, who has spent his life developing, improving, teaching, and perfecting the craft of nasal reconstruction. In the procedures of nasal reconstruction are techniques essential to soft-tissue reconstruction anywhere in the face for us to learn and to improve our craft in the entire region...

Many parts of this book should be studied by all those in training or in practice in plastic surgery, for it is in the exploration of the authors' philosophy and techniques that we mature and grow, taking the defect seriously enough to spend the time with the patient talking, planning, and refining the options to have mutually understood goals of specific management...

These principles and the author's philosophy should be required reading for all of us seeking to perfect and improve our abilities to reconstruct challenging defects of the face. 

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Dr. Paul Manson, MD review of Dr. Frederick Menick, MD Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book



Periodically, healthcare benefits from the transformative work of a single individual, and the new book entitled Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction: Principles and Practice by Frederick J. Menick, M.D. showcases the incredible genius of this uniquely gifted nasal surgeon. 

As a modern-day version of his original ground-breaking book, published in 1994 in conjunction with the late Gary C. Burget M.D., this magnificent and richly illustrated two-volume text establishes the new gold standard for complex nasal reconstruction. 

As a long time disciple of the Menick reconstructive school, I heartily recommend this work as a must-have for any serious practitioner of reconstructive nasal surgery. We all owe Fred Menick a debt of gratitude for generously sharing his hard-earned surgical insights.  

Dr. Richard E. Davis review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction by Dr. Frederick Menick



It is a great pleasure for me to have access to these unique books, including all of the concepts and strategies that enable Dr. Menick to achieve such outstanding results. 

Dr. Menick performs something totally different from merely just replacing tissue, which makes all the difference. 

I am deeply convinced that Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice is the Bible for all who are working in this field. 

Dr. Wolfgang Gubisch  review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick



In 2008, Dr. Menick wrote his first solo textbook on nasal reconstruction, a single volume running 760 pages. He has now more than doubled that in a two-volume, 1592-page magnum opus with some 6500 figures—planning diagrams, extensive intraoperative photographs, and many long-term follow-up images.

Compared to the 2008 text, everything has been expanded...

As the author presents each case, he explains what is going through his mind as he develops his surgical plan, an invaluable process that will help teach judgment to younger surgeons. Except for the microvascular free flaps, I have successfully used virtually every technique in this text, as I learned them from his prior publications.

There are no magical steps or missing ingredients: attentive readers who master these volumes and follow the author’s principles fastidiously should be able to produce excellent reconstructions for their patients...

In my opinion, Dr. Menick’s new book will be the unimpeachable standard reference work until the day when some young surgeon comes along who is as innovative, creative, determined, and technically skilled as Dr. Menick, which may be a long time...

Surgeons who close facial defects from any cause will find this new reference work invaluable.

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Dr. Mark Constantian review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick



There are a limited number of people in our relatively broad subspecialty who have devoted their entire careers to a focused area, truly pioneering the way we approach and manage specific clinical problems in facial plastic surgery 

There are even fewer who are so passionate about a topic that they have taken it upon themselves to share their knowledge and vast experience through extensive writing and publication, allowing this information to perpetuate and help others in our field grow and learn from their successes and mistakes ...

Dr. Frederick J. Menick is one of those pioneers. He has continually pushed the art and technique of nasal reconstruction to higher standards, never settling for mediocre outcomes...

This 2-volume treatise should be considered an essential resource for any surgeon who performs facial reconstruction.

Read the full review in JAMA Facial Plastic SurgeryDr. Sachin Pawar MD review of Dr. Frederick Menick's new book Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice



Within the spectrum of reconstructive surgery, nasal reconstruction is without question one of the most demanding and complex interventions of modern medicine. The two-volume textbook — with the wisdom and insights found within— should be a mandatory resource in the personal library of every serious nasal reconstructive surgeon...

The reader can easily grasp the logic and benefits of multistaged proceedings to achieve the desired surgical endpoint. Whether a beginner or an experienced surgeon, this book will become a valued resource filled with both philosophical insight and practical tips and pearls for treating complex and debilitating nasal defects...

Once you incorporate the six “Ps” (purpose, principles, planning, proper methods and materials, precision, and patience) into your practice, select the defect that most closely resembles your own, and use the corresponding treatment plan to provide a therapeutic framework...

We are confident that this text will advance your knowledge and skill in treating complex nasal defects... So we invite you to explore this didactic masterpiece as we have. No doubt it will assist you in fine-tuning your own surgical instruments for greatly improved outcomes.

Read the full review in Facial Plastic SurgeryWerner Heppt Daniel Hauth review of Dr. Menick's book Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice



I believe that Dr Menick's Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice is a must-have text for the facial plastic surgeon who performs nasal reconstruction. It provides the single best all-encompassing resource from one of the world's most revered and experienced nasal reconstructive surgeons and intends to provide the reader with the ability to replicate these results...

The first volume focuses largely on the principles necessary to approach every aspect of nasal reconstruction and spans the spectrum of complexity with excellent case examples. The second volume of the series transitions into detailing concepts further with special topics such as “redoing a failed nasal reconstruction.” High-resolution images and very detailed descriptions of the reconstructive thought process make both volumes very convenient for surgeons to learn how to apply these techniques to their practice...

Because the text is two volumes, no important detail is spared in explaining how to achieve a modern aesthetic nasal reconstruction in nearly every fathomable type of defect. 

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Joseph J. Rousso, MD, FACS review of Dr. Menick's book Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice




The best book on nasal reconstruction I have ever seen!

A great contribution to all surgeons working on nasal reconstruction. Chapeau, Dr. Menick!



Dr. Menick, your two volumes arrived today, and this is your best textbook. Beautiful layout, good clear text, and the pictures/results are world-class.

Every resident through my office comments on the incredible post-ops.
Once again, you have set the standards to strive for.  
Jim Thornton, MD  review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick





My department recently got Dr. Menick's book. It's excellent — but since it belongs in the department for every day use, I have to carry it in my backpack when biking 6 km back and forth to work. Thus, I've learned the magnum opus is not only great — such a vast amount of knowledge on paper is also very heavy when physically carried. 🙂 So now I've ordered my own copy for my home library.

Dr. Menick's willingness to pass on all of the knowledge he's gained over the years is a much welcomed gift for us who are just entering the field.



These two textbooks are treasures for our entire speciality. Dr. Menick lectured to our department a few years ago and I will never forget it. I hope to make even a fraction of an impact with my career.  
Dr. Ryan Dickey, UT Southwestern Medical Center




I met Dr. Menick when he was lecturing in Taiwan and was greatly inspired by him.

He has done so much for patients as well as physicians all over the world by writing on his wealth of experience.
I will treasure these books. 

Dr. Ng Li Shia review of Dr. Frederick Menick's textbook Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction



I received your fabulous books. For me, they are the Bible of nasal reconstruction. I always find help and inspiration in these books.

It is a great honor and privilege to know you and to get the chance to learn from you.
Dr. Sebastian Haack  review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick



It is my pleasure to study this vast material, which encompasses Dr. Menick's life experience and teaching. Incomparable!
Dr. Helmut Fischer  review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick



What an incredible amount of work has been put into Dr. Menick's latest book.

The concepts and text are crystal clear, and, of course, the results are amazing.
Dr Julien Quilichini review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction by Dr. Frederick Menick



We received Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice, and our doctors are over the moon. Thank you!

The ENT team at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital



I am ever grateful to you for giving me the privilege of owning your amazing two volumes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Your two volumes are a master tribute to a hero who stands at the apex of achievement in both of our minds, Dr. D. Ralph Millard. There is no Nobel prize for such endeavors.

In fact, these two volumes award the Menick Prize posthumously to Dr. Millard. Congratulations on a magnificent work. 
Dr. David Furnas  review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick



During my time in Tucson, I personally saw that Dr. Menick is without a doubt the best doctor in the world for many cases and the only one in the world for conditions such as mine or even worse.

There is evidence and confirmation of my statement in the new two-volume work by Dr. Menick, Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction Principles and Practice.

Dr. "Michelangelo” Menick (as I like to call him) is not only an unbelievable “miracle doctor,” as so very many patients have testified, but he is also a great person, a real mensch—meaning a person of noble character to admire and emulate. His dedication to his profession and his patients is endless.
Patient testimonial  review of Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction book by Dr. Frederick Menick

Note: Mr. Staffoni insisted that his name and image be used with his comments.